Public PFD Tips Led to $91,000 in Restitution

Posted: September 20, 2013 at 7:01 am

There are still a few weeks until PFD’s start hitting Alaskan bank accounts, and this year the number of applicants was down by 7,000. Acting Commissioner for the Department of Revenue Angela Rodell speculated…


Rodell: “The PFD and the Department of Revenue have worked really hard on pursuing the fraud tips that have come in on PFDs, so I think people are on notice that we are going to take the applications very seriously and confirm information that is presented, and so people maybe thinking twice before they put in a fraudulent application.”


The Division investigated close to 1,500 applications for fraud last year, slightly higher than the 1,214 investigated in 2011. 288 were submitted for criminal prosecution, with a more than $94,000 demanded in restitution.


Of that $94,000 worth of criminal applications, just $3,000 came from governmental detection, while the remaining $91,000 was picked up as a result of public tips.


You can submit a PFD Fraud Tip through the Fraud Hotline.

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2 Comments to “Public PFD Tips Led to $91,000 in Restitution”

  • northernshrike says:

    I know a few of the out of state slope workers have found out the hard way that it is not a good idea to take Alaskan jobs and our pfd

  • Steve Wright says:

    Not Once in over 30 years have I ever been challenged or questioned about My Alaska Residency ? Nor has anyone called to question me about other Residents ? that claim to be Residents ? It’s a Mystery to Me ? SPW