Public Outcry Leads to Venue Change for Local Fish and Game Advisory Committee Mtg

Posted: May 9, 2013 at 11:58 am

We reported yesterday that the local Fish and Game advisory committee is planning to meet tonight to discuss early Kenai River king salmon management decisions. The committee last night, had to move the location of the meeting to accommodate for the additional public interest. The meeting will be tonight at 6:30pm at the Soldotna Sports Center.  We spoke to committee member Mike Crawford about the king management concerns…


Crawford: “For them to close us down, before the season even starts on a projection, when we’ve got time to evaluate the run on both fish counts and fisherman success in the river, and for them to do this, this early, when early in the run there’s very little fish in the river, the conditions are usually poor without bait for catching fish because of high water and run off. We just think it’s premature, and its not something they’ve ever done before. That’s the reason to have the meeting, is to discuss that and see if we’re going to write a letter to the governor and everybody else.”

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3 Comments to “Public Outcry Leads to Venue Change for Local Fish and Game Advisory Committee Mtg”

  • SWEETIE says:

    If the fishing conditions are so poor, why do these guides want to fish so bad? Is it just to “rip off the tourists” and take their $$$$$. How many of these guides inform the unsuspecting tourists up front that they probably will not catch a King?


  • Pay Back says:

    Does anyone think the lowball attack on BOF nominee Webster would not go unanswered? Unheard of?

  • Sweetie says:

    SHUT IT DOWN…………No catch ‘n release should be allowed. This just opens the river to illegal use of bait at night, illegal retention of Kings, etc.