Public Meeting on Alternatives for Beaver Loop and Spur

A public meeting will be held tonight at 6pm, where the DOT and Kenai City Administrators will discuss alternatives to improve Beaver Loop and the Kenai Spur.


Kenai City Manager Rick Koch said they hope to hear from the community…


Koch: “Absolutely. We’ve sent out, I think almost 500 notification cards. The City attempted to send out cards to everybody who lived within 300 feet of either of those two roadway corridors.”


Koch said the projects are still in the early stages, and public input will help the DOT understand how the alternatives could work…


Koch: “It’ll be an opportunity for the managers to gather information. We’ll be talking about a number of alternatives on the Spur Highway project. I believe there’s five in the reconnaissance study they’ve accomplished so far. So, while decisions won’t be made, comments and suggestions will be helpful in ultimately making a decision on the Spur Highway project. The Beaver Loop project, I think the scope is fairly well defined, but there’s always an opportunity to bring items about particular intersections or details. So I think it’s important people participate.”


The meeting is open to the public from 6pm on at the Kenai City Council Chambers.

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