Public Invitation to Soldotna Schools Meeting

As the local School Board meets this Monday to move on the realignment of Soldotna Schools, Pegge Erkeneff with the School District said they want to extend an open invitation…


Erkeneff: “The Kenai Peninsula Borough School Board will be taking public testimony and also talking about specifically a reconfiguration of our Soldotna schools. Most people know this has been going on. We really want to make sure people know about it. So in the afternoon, in the Borough Assembly Chambers from 4:30 to 5, there’s a school board work session around our Soldotna school reconfiguration; no public comment during that time, but at 6 o’clock, prior to the school board meeting starting at 7, we’ll have a public hearing with the school board and public comment is encouraged.”


We asked Erkeneff: what’s set in stone at this point, and what’s still open to change?


Erkeneff: “The administrative recommendation, and this is on the District website, is to move to one High School for Soldotna, with grades 10 through 12 located at where the current Soldotna High School is. And then there’ll be further recommendations about what our 7th,8th, and 9th grade will look like, and that will be talked about that evening, so we encourage people to attend.”

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