Public Input Being Taken Today on New Soldotna Trails Plan

An open house will be held this afternoon, as the City of Soldotna continues the development of the new Trails and Recreation Master Plan. Soldotna Parks and Recreation Director Andrew Carmichael outlined what ideas have come forward in the plan, which is at the roughly 75% stage…


Carmichael: “75% document has a lot of trail connectivity type things, there’s a call for an indoor turf type things, reconfiguration of some access ways to different  recreation properties, one thing that’s coming to the top is what to do with the sports center. To expand it, it’s 30 years old, do we do a renovation, that hasn’t happened in its 30-year life, just like the roof, those type of things, a lot of those kind of documents are what’s coming up.”


The open house will be held from 4:00pm-8:00pm at the Soldotna Sports Center.

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