Public Hearings on Soldotna Capital Budget, Records Management

The Soldotna City Council will have several ordinances up for public hearing tomorrow(July 23) evening.


Mayor Nels Anderson detailed the first ordinance up for public hearing which deals with adopting a system for public figures to declare their financial records.


Anderson: “Under state rules which we’ve used, you have to report for example every transaction you have or business dealing over one thousand dollars which for me would mean every baby I delivered and those sorts of things would have to be reported and public knowledge, and I got a specific exemption medically for people who are involved in certain medical procedures that I don’t have to report but it’s still a pretty onerous procedure, what Mr. Dixson has argued is that especially when we have people who want to serve on public boards and things by doing that their whole business is made public and that becomes a problem.”


The ordinance was brought about June 25’s passage of an October 7 regular municipal election ballot measure for Soldotna residents to decide if their public officials should move to a more localized system for disclosing personal finances.


The second ordinance up for public hearing will be the capital budget for fiscal year 2015. Keith Baxter detailed an addition to it.


Baxter: “Yeah tonight we introduced the capital budget and I’m excited that the city administration did take the council’s direction to include money for the Riverside Drive sidewalk project, to include a 5 foot sidewalk on the north side of the street, I think it’s been long over due to have some safe pedestrian access to that street which is a real thorough fare for bikers, dog walkers, runners and children coming to and from the K-Beach trails, in and out of Soldotna, so I know it’s a busy construction season so I don’t know if it will be done this summer or next but at least the money’s there now.”


He added that this year’s capital budget is well-crafted.


The council will meet at the Soldotna City Hall, Wednesday, July 23, at 6 pm, with a 5:15 pm work session on the Karen and Fern Street road improvements beforehand.

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