Public Comment on Kings Gets Ideas Flowing

Today’s meeting of the King Salmon Task Force geared up after lunch as public comment started to flow. We spoke with Vickie Tyler, an East-Side set netter, about some of the suggestions…


Tyler: “There was restrictions in net size suggestions, restrict in net depth suggestions, there was create some spawning ground protections, a lot of people were passionate about eliminating the windows and fish for the abundance, everybody seemed to generally like that idea – you know, fish when the fish are on your beach, and then obviously not fish [when they aren't]. Not do away with the regular scheduled periods, that was also brought up, about why can’t we just do away with Mondays and Thursdays and Mr. Delaney brought that up. Robbie Williams spoke back and said, ‘well it seems like every time the set netters give something up they never seem to get it back.'”


And on the sportsfish side…


Tyler: “Suggestions about going maybe drift-only on the in-river, drift boat only on in-river. Or if it was a motorized, go 10 horsepower only. Or making the river where you could only go one way on the river, down and no coming back up, no making this circle so you can keep going through the same hole time after time after time on the in-river. There was just lots of stuff that they suggested.”


The Force will meet again later in the year and continue to consider the options before Cook Inlet fishermen.

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