Public Asked to Continue Lookout for Elodea

The presence of Elodea in local waterways is continuing to concern biologists, with the possibility it could harm salmon habitat.


Elizabeth Bella from the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge explains…


Bella: “Basically, the issue with elodea is that is spreads very rapidly, it grows very fast and it tends to clog up the entire waterway. There are some other sub-effects that occur, it can reduce the amount of oxygen present in the lake, which can in turn effect fish and wildlife populations that use the lake and it can also prevent fish from spawning in the lake.” 


To help, the Department is asking Alaskans to report Elodea sightings and get involved in eradication efforts. A detailed checklist on how Alaskans can identify and report Elodea is available here.  For information on preventative measures, visit the DNR website.


The Kenai Peninsula Borough has appropriated $40,000 to address the problem locally.

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