Proposal Calls for Daily Reporting For All Fishermen

Posted: January 7, 2014 at 5:02 pm

A group of young fishermen has submitted a number of proposals to the Alaska Board of Fisheries. Megan Smith explains that one of their proposals would require all fishing industries to report their catches within 24 hours…


Smith: “For commercial fishing, we are required to report within 24 hours and there are certain user groups that we won’t get their harvest data for up to a year after the fish are taken from the river, and that’s just too long.”


Smith said the focus of their proposals is on getting better data and increasing protection for fish habitat.


The proposals signify a renewed push among younger commercial fishermen. We asked Smith what has changed…


Smith: “Fishing is just something that my family has always done, but in 2012, we had to take a step and look back, because our industry was virtually shut down, and say, ‘How does this work? How does this work in our community? Is this biologically supportable? And so, first step, we started talking to local biologists, both retired and active biologists, and looking at our fishery and taking a step back and saying, ‘Is this sustainable?’ And our answer was ‘Yes.’ And so moving from there, we’re fighting to protect something that we know can be supported by the runs as they are existing.”


To view all the proposals submitted to the Board of Fish, click here.

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2 Comments to “Proposal Calls for Daily Reporting For All Fishermen”

  • Ed says:

    Megan it’s great that your family has been fishing for 50 plus years but the right to the fishery carries with the first time Alaskan that might start fishing tomorrow ….equally NO SPECIAL PRIVILAGES…..

  • Ed says:

    Oh on the issue of reporting within 24 is not doable due to remote locations across Alaska including the Kenai Peninsula Not every one has the means and ability to report….there out their having fun not needing more regulation get a better idea!!!