Property Owners Concerned About Soldotna Special Assessment District

Last night a work session was conducted by the Soldotna City Administration with a few council members attending along with property owners that were concerned about a Special Assessment District on North Aspen Drive.


A Special Assessment District is different from a Public Works Project in that the city will pay all up front costs, fulfill the construction priorities and residents or business owners benefiting from the work done repay their portion over the next 10 years, that portion being between 25-50% of the total project cost.


We spoke with Soldotna City Planner Stephanie Queen about last night’s meeting.


Queen: “Well some of the concerns we heard today was how a paving project might impact existing businesses, their parking and their driveway access I think those are really important considerations for the city to take into account if the project moves forward and we design it. I think that there’s a lot of opportunities to accommodate some of those needs into the future.



We asked Queen where the City of Soldotna will go from here.


Queen: “The next step on our side on the City Staff side is to go back and start coming up with a recommendation on what that project might look like in more detail. We talked broadly about the project today and the next step is for us to really look at the scope and think about what might be appropriate for the level of improvement on this street and also how some of the concerns that were discussed would be mitigated.”

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