Promising Environment for Job Seekers in Oil and Gas

Posted: December 17, 2013 at 12:20 pm

As development along the North Road continues to expand, Diana Span with the Peninsula Job Center said there are plenty of opportunities for job seekers, especially in drilling on the North Slope…


Span: “So there is two different cycles, there is the one like that where they are doing the drilling and they start up when the ground freezes and then around April/May they start up on the construction phase and they’ll do a lot of the big projects or jobs and that’s what you’re hearing about in the area, so there’s a couple of different ways they can get into it. So it is a good time to look at it, it is an excellent time to get into the oil and gas industry; it’s one of the higher-paid industries, even for a beginning roustabout.”


Span said they currently have three pages of jobs, and can help with oil field certification, resume preparation, and interview skills.


Spand: “Most of the applications for the oil field nowadays are online, so we help people apply for those and then attach their current resume that speaks to the job they’re applying for.”


To contact the Peninsula Job Center, visit: Alaska Dept Labor.

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One Comment to “Promising Environment for Job Seekers in Oil and Gas”

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