Democrats School Bill Package Introduced

State Democrats say they’re not satisfied with the Governor’s plan for education and have introduced one of their own. House Representative Les Gara and Senator Berta Gardner introduced the suite of legislation to both houses yesterday.


Gara said that at this point we are failing on science based education because of lack of teachers.


Rep Gara(D-Anchorage): “Over the last three years, the Governor and his allies have laid off over 600 teachers and staff across the state. Under the Governor’s latest proposal, he’s going to lay off another 212 just in Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, and Kodiak. That’s moving education backwards, not forwards. Our bill reverses cuts from prior years and makes sure next years cuts don’t happen.”


The Democrats’ bills would include a Principals of Excellence Bonus of $5,000. Gara says an excellent principal can increase student achievement, transform teachers and schools.


Other features in the legislation include: a $404 per student increase in the BSA, approval for charter schools to be located within existing schools when there’s room, and tighter traffic control in school zones.


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