Preliminary Fish Numbers Show Increase on 2012

After the Upper Cook Inlet’s Northern District commercial fishery was closed on its first period, local fisheries biologist Pat Shields reported good numbers of fish for this time of year…


Shields: “We had closed their first period of the year, which was to have occurred on the last Monday in May, due to King Salmon concerns. This one we reduced the time that it was open from 12, which was scheduled, to 6 hours. Again, for King Salmon concerns. And the catch they caught yesterday was about 370 King Salmon,t hat’s a little bit better than what occurred this time last year on the same date. And then over on the west side of Cook Inlet, we have a fishery there, a small commercial fishery, called the Big River Sockeye Salmon Fishery. They caught about 925 Sockeye or so, and that’s very close to what occurred on this same date last year. So things are underway, and for King Salmon, it was a little bit better on this first period, compared to last year at the same time, and about the same for Sockeye.”


Sheilds said they’ll be watching the early run Kings to determine run timing for late run Kings, but so far it’s still too early to predict what will happen in 2013.

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