Power Being Restored To Areas Across Peninsula

A massive power outage that left most if not all of the HEA service area without power.


We spoke to Joe Gallgher with HEA shortly after the outage.


Gallagher: “Homer Electric Association this afternoon is experiencing a very wide spread power outage that is basically effecting most of the Kenai Peninsula and we’re not exactly sure what caused the outage, our team is investigating that right now, working as hard as possible to get power restored, quickly but at this time the power outage is widespread and the cause is undetermined.”


Since then power has been restored to areas in the Kenai and Nikiski area and parts of Soldotna, areas in K-Beach are still without power and most recent confirmed reports tell us Seward as well as Homer are still without power.


We spoke to Joe Gallgher once power was restored who said crews are still working though the cause has yet to be determined.


Gallagher: “Homer Electric Association experienced a very widespread power outage today that effected most of the Kenai Peninsula and the exact cause of the outage is still being investigated but at this time as of approximately 2:00 pm in the afternoon we are in the process of restoring power many circuits have their power back on and we hope to have the restoration done by 3:00 pm this afternoon. The exact cause is not clear right now we know there was a problem with the generation plant in Nikiski and the plant did trip offline and power was lost and again we are taking a look at the details and should have some more information available. 


We have received reports that Kenai, Nikiski, Sterling and Soldotna all have power, at this time Homer and Seward are still without power.

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