Pour House Fire Started With Appliance

After further investigation of the Pour House fire in Soldotna this morning, Central Emergency Services said they believe they found the source. CES Safety Officer Brad Nelson…


Nelson: “To the point that we are going to take it [the investigation], it looks like it is going to be in the area of one of the refrigerators in the stock room. We’re going to stop our investigation as it is right now, just because there might be insurance investigators or some professional kinds of investigators that might come in. So we’re not going to rip things apart and determine whether there was a malfunction in the refrigerator or could have something fell in the back by the refrigerator. But we are pretty confident that it was in that area of the refrigerator in the stock room. Our preliminary estimates of the damage around $25,000, looks like that is going to be quite on the low side. Once we were able to dig into more things and see stuff, there’s a lot more electrical damage. We’re estimating now probably in the $75-$100,000 range.”





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