Postal Services Backtracks on Saturday Delivery

The U.S. Postal Service made headlines in February when Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe declared they would end Saturday mail delivery. That decision is now in the spotlight again as governmental funding continues to change.


Ernie Swanson, who oversees USPS Communication in Alaska, earlier described the changes which were scheduled to start in August…


Swanson: “If you have a post office box at a Post Office, we will continue to provide the full level of service: parcels, first-class mail, advertising, magazines, newspapers, etc, and those Post Offices that are currently open on Saturday would continue to be open. So the change is significant only if you get mail delivered to a street address. Effective with this change, you would only get parcels on Saturday and no other class of mail.”


The Postmaster General said USPS is now considering alternative ways to cut costs and return to a balanced budget.

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