Porter Notes One Item Already Complete from New Kenai Comp Plan

The Kenai City Council held a joint work session with the Kenai Planning and Zoning Commission to see the new comprehensive plan for the city of Kenai. Kenai Mayor Pat Porter, however, noted that there is already one item from the new plan that can be marked off as complete..


Mayor Porter: “One of the goals we’ve always had here in Kenai is to establish an assisted living complex, for those people who need that kind of care. Not exactly nursing care, but in between independent living, is called assisted living. We already have two business owners who are planning to do that, to put assisted living in Kenai. One is currently under construction off of Forest Drive, and should be done in the next two months, and then there should be another started one this summer.  So that’s already a goal that’s obsolete, that just goes to show you a plan is just that, a plan that changes from day to day.”

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