Porter Backs Move to Mirror Chicken Rules to Existing Kennel Regs

As we reported, the Kenai City Council last week, voted to postpone action on an ordinance to allow residents with lot sizes under an acre in size to keep up to 12 hens. The Council voted to have the city administration bring back a substitute ordinance that closely mirrors existing dog kennel regulations. We spoke to Kenai Mayor Pat Porter…


Mayor Porter: “My personal opinion on the chicken ordinance  I’m very comfortable with people having chickens, I’m just not real comfortable with them having them on small lots sizes. That’s because in real tight subdivisions  like Woodland, or Redoubt Terrace, or Inlet View, you know those kind of things, I think it could be a real hardship to the neighbors. I do think it’s a bear attractant, we’ve so worked for a couple of years to get rid of the bear problem that we had, so that to me is a concern. I really think too that residents need to be notified if your neighbor plans to have chickens, just so that you have the opportunity to be able to express your opinion. If it becomes centered around the kennel ordnance, you can have four dogs, but if you have five dogs your neighbors have to be notified, so we’re talking chickens here, so I’d like to see the same kind of thing happen.”


The council gave the administration a 90-day time frame for the substitute ordinance.

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