Political First Timer Seeking Election to Soldotna Council

Political newcomer Keith Baxter has filed to run for Soldotna City Council Seat E in the upcoming Soldotna municipal election.

Baxter said that for the past 53 years the smart, fiscally-conservative leadership of our public servants has helped ensure a high quality of life and relatively low cost of living here in Soldotna.

The affordability of homeownership, the quality of roads and the ongoing improvement of public facilities can be easy to take for granted if you’ve grown up here; but when considered in the light of our budget surplus and low mill rate, these achievements are truly noteworthy.

According to Baxer, as the city continues to grow and adapt to changes in the economy and the solvency of upstream governments, it becomes increasingly important to welcome new energy into our public process.

Because the Soldotna City Council has a healthy abundance of political experience that will not be up for reelection this cycle, Baxter feels that this October 1st is an ideal time to introduce a reliable freshman council member with a sincere interest in the future of our area.

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