Playing It Safe On Halloween Night

Tonight is Halloween and that means a bigger influx of people walking on the roads and in neighborhoods.



Deputy Fire Marshal Wes Perkins at CES had some helpful reminders about fire safety.

Perkins: “We would just like to remind everybody to keep visible clothing on when they’re out trick or treating and also keep in mind safety with electrical cords if they have any going to any of their decorations also with candles we don’t recommend using candles in jack-o-lanterns or anything like that and never leave candles unattended, make sure that with the cold coming on that their chimneys have been cleaned, we get a lot of chimney fires this time of year also the changing the clocks is coming up on the 3rd so we want to remind everyone to change their batteries in their smoke detectors and also make sure their batteries are good in their CO detectors with the cold setting in.”


Sgt. Ben Langham had some helpful tips for keeping trick or treaters safe tonight.


Sgt. Langham: “As Halloween approaches this year, the Kenai Police Department would like to remind parents and children to stay safe out there while trick or treating. One of the basic things a parent can do is to ensure that their kids are visible that night, it can be accomplished by dressing the kids in bright colors and adding reflective tape to their costumes, they can also give them flashlights and glow sticks. We also ask that parents keep their kids trick or treating in groups if possible and stay to the side of the road. Older kids should let an adult know where they plan to trick or treat and stick to that plan. As for drivers on Halloween night please be mindful of our trick or treaters out there and drive slowly through our neighborhoods so that we can all have a fun and safe evening.”

KSRM News Department would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween.

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