Play Every Day, For Adults and Kids

With a little less than two weeks before we reach the winter solstice and start gaining light again, the State Dept. Health is encouraging Alaskans to stay active.


Greg Wilkinson said…


Wilkinson: “What we’re trying to over come is the idea that,’ Oh we can’t’ go out, it’s too cold.’ You can go out, you can exercise outside, you can play outside. You just have to be prepared for it.”


Wilkinson is part of the group promoting the “Play Every Day” campaign, which awards prizes to children who log their daily activities and have some physical activity – “play” – for at least 60 minutes a day. For adults, Wilkinson said 30 minutes is fine.


Wilkinson: “We usually, what we see is kids are kind of resistant at first, but once you get them all dressed up and you get them out the door, they forget all about that and they have a blast.”


Check with your child’s school to see if they are participating in the official campaign.

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