Planned Parenthood Sue State Over Abortion Changes

Planned Parenthood is suing the state over new abortion regulations which went into effect last Sunday. They are seeking to to temporarily block the state from implementing the regulations which clarify when an abortion should be funded by Medicaid.


The bill was originally backed by State Senator John Coghill…


Sen. Coghill(R-North Pole): “And the question really is, ‘When is it really medically necessary?’ And the answer to that question will be, the State will pay for those when it is medically necessary. When not, there’s no reason to put somebody else in the place of paying the bill for that. If it’s not medically necessary, it should be picked up by the person requiring the abortion. It won’t change their right to seek the abortion, but it will at least say, ‘It’s on your dime.'”


Judge John Suddock is deciding the case. His former law partner has represented Planned Parenthood in the past, but neither the organization nor the State felt it was a conflict of interest.


Suddock says he needs more time to consider the case and study case law.

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