Plan Ahead for Electric Permits

We’re still seeing daily temperatures hovering around the 70’s, but Homer Electric Association says it’s time to make sure you’ve got your electric work scheduled before the weather turns.  HEA’s Joe Gallagher says projects become much more expensive in the winter.


Gallagher: “Summer is definitely getting by us quicker than we would like, and we are always at this time of year urging Homer Electric members who are interested in getting a new electric service to make sure they get their application for the work into us just as soon as possible. Our schedule does fill up pretty quickly and once the freezing conditions arrive on the Kenai Peninsula, basically our construction season ends; although we can still do construction, it will be more expensive for the members. So, again if there is anyone out there who is thinking about an electric service, a new electric service, please get your application in to us.”


Gallagher asked builders to get applications submitted as quickly as possible.

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