Pioneer St Renamed, Honoring Mullens

With six streets named “Pioneer” within the Borough, emergency 9-1-1 responders were having a tough time finding the right address. To streamline the process, the Borough Addressing Officer asked Soldotna City administration if they would rename their Pioneer St, since the change would affect less residents than other similarly named roads in the area.


Soldotna Vice Mayor Brenda Hartman said the new name will be “47th Street,” which was chosen with one of the city’s earliest residents…


Vice-Mayor Hartman: “Marge Mullen, one of the homesteaders for Soldotna, came up with the idea of 47th street, because when she and her husband moved up here in 1945, when homesteading opened up here in the Peninsula area in 1947 she and her husband drove down to Moose Pass, walked 65 miles to come over here and homestead that area. So, to commemorate 1947, basically, we’re calling that 47th Street.”


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