Pierce Filing Ethics Complaint Against Murphy

Posted: September 30, 2013 at 12:27 pm

We’ve previously reported that Borough Assembly President Linda Murphy has come under fire for information she shared at a public meeting…


Assy. President Murphy(Soldotna): “I was wrong to make the remarks I made. I didn’t mention any names but apparently although there was nobody in the public here, it’s gotten out that I made those remarks. I’ve apologized to the person.”


Kasilof resident George Pierce has stepped forward as the man at the center of the controversy. He said he doesn’t accept Murphy’s apology.


Instead, Pierce said he’s hired a lawyer and been in contact with the ACLU; he’s now moving forward with an official ethics complaint.


In a letter sent to Borough Administration, Pierce says…


“Linda Murphy consciously exposed and breached by personal, identifiable information in a public KPB Assembly meeting. This is also an obvious ethics violation.”


Pierce presents two requests: that Murphy identify how and from whom she obtained her information, and that she be censured at all future Borough and Alaska Municipal League activities.


He says that the Borough’s response to his requests will determine whether he files a complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights.

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4 Comments to “Pierce Filing Ethics Complaint Against Murphy”

  • Wolfe_Tone says:

    So, Charlie Pierce files an ethics complaint against Linda Murphy.
    On election eve – an obvious, overtly blatant attempt to tip the scales in favor of his buddy Dale Bagley.

    I recommend that you open a Bible and familiarize yourself with Matthew 7:5, Mr. Pierce.

  • Wolfe_Tone says:

    Correction: George Pierce.
    Sorry, Charlie.
    It was a natural mistake.

  • read before you type says:

    You should read before you type or you look like another Obama sheeple

  • Pete says:

    It doesn’t matter, I wasn’t going to vote for her anyway!