Piece of Mattingley’s Plane Washes Up on Sitkinak Island

Almost 12 months after Brendan Mattingley disappeared from the Soldotna airport, a piece of his landing gear was recovered yesterday on  Sitkinak Island.


Two hunters were on the island, just south of Kodiak, when they found the right landing gear to what appeared to be Mattingley’s airplane. Mattingley’s brother, Jordan, reports that the gear was identified as belonging to Brendan’s super cub N444LZ.


27-year-old Mattingley went missing on October 13th last year. He had been out at a bar, and was asked to leave after becoming highly intoxicated. He was then taken to the airport in a cab, where he indicated he would sleep in his plane.  The cab driver told the NTSB that Mattingley asked him not to reveal his location.


It was later discovered Mattingley left for Palmer in his PA-18 Super Cub. Radar data showed an erratic flight pattern for an unknown aircraft, which was last recorded at 2:48 a.m. on the same day, about 30 miles north of Soldotna.


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