Pick.Click.Give May Open to Smaller Charities

Homer’s Rep. Paul Seaton is continuing to advocate for a simpler Pick.Click.Give process. Seaton said the cost of an audit makes it pointless for smaller charities to sign up for the program…


Rep. Seaton(R-Homer): “So what this bill does is say: if you’re required to do a federal audit, you must submit that to the state with your application, but other than that you don’t have to do an audit. Now, what has happened in the meantime between the time the program started, the non-profit status under the IRS is now a 12-page 990. So, it’s a very in-depth certification of a lot of technical details of your organization.”


Seaton said the federal vetting process is more than adequate to make sure the charities are legitimate foundations.


Another change in the bill would enable the program to collect administrative fees. The Rasmuson Foundation has been operating the program for 6 years, but Seaton said it’s time for the program to be self-sustaining…


Rep. Seaton(R-Homer): “So what’s incorporated in this is a 7% administrative coordination fee. Will pay for all the advertising and all that kind of stuff, as well as fulfilling all the administrative needs of the bill to make it sustainable without requiring a state contribution.”


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