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Schedule of Weekly Challenges 

Saturday 10am Team Challenges:

August 10th  –  Opening ceremony – Kick Ball— Oilers Field – Kenai @5pm

August 18th – Fit Test – Stanley Ford – Kenai

August 25th –  Shopping Challenge – Save U More – K-Beach

September 1st –  Cooking Challenge – KSRM Studios– K-Beach

September 8th –   Hog Challenge – KP Harley Davidson- Sterling

September 15th – Beach Challenge – Kenai Beach – Kenai

September 22nd –  River City Cheer –  K-Beach

September 29th – Chutes and Ladders – Bird Golf Course – Funny River

October 6th –  Fit Test – Stanley Ford – Kenai

October 12th –   Pool Challenge – North Pen Rec Center – Nikiski

October 19th  –  4pm Starts Community 5 mile Run to Closing Ceremony

                             –  5pm – Save U More Closing Ceremony – K Beach

2012 Team Challenges

Q 100 – 5

The Fuse – 6

2012 Phat To Fit Results

Raquel Flaaen – 1st Place (Q 100)


Kate Cooper – 2nd Place (Q 100)


Ben Pontius – People’s Choice (Fuse 106.9)

2012 Phat To Fit Audio Testimonals

Q 100 the Point – Green Team

Raquel Flaaen

Mark Winston

Lisa Roberts

Audrey Pitt

April Weber

Jeff Bettis

Kate Cooper

Trainer Pako Whannell


The Fuse 106.9 – Red Team

Hunter Brewer

Yvette Tappana

Rachel Gauthier

Heather Duffy

Tiffany Aure

Cassy Dobson

Ben Pontius



Phat To Fit Team & Challenge Photos

Q 100 Weekly Final Weights 2012

FUSE Weekly Final Weights 2012

Fit Test #1 Results 2012

Fit Test #2 Results 2012

2 Mile Run Results 2012

The Contestants

Q 100 the Point – Green Team

Raquel Flaaen  5′ 2  220lbs

Mark Winston  5′ 10  280lbs

Lisa Roberts  5′ 5  275lbs

Audrey Pitt  5′ 2  186lbs

April Weber  5′ 2  193lbs

Jeff Bettis  6′ 3  318lbs

Kate Cooper  6′ 0 293lbs

The Fuse 106.9 – Red Team

Hunter Brewer  5′ 8  250lbs

Yvette Tappana  5′ 5  235lbs

Rachel Gauthier  5′ 2  242lbs

Heather Duffy  5′ 9  245lbs

Tiffany Aure  5′ 7  250lbs

Cassy Dobson  5′ 4  234lbs

Ben Pontius  6′ 2  275lbs


Angie Brennan



Representing The FUSE 106.9 fm – The Red Team

angie 2

I started my Fitness Odyssey when I was 17 years old . I had the influence of my mom , and the insistence of a hard-core power lifting gym owner named Howard. I have been working out ever since. I completed my degree In Exercise Science in 1997, got married, moved to Soldotna and now have 2 beautiful children. I have been working and training at the Fitness Place since 2003. Some of my recent athletic accomplishments: • Second Place Light weight Women Alaska Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure 2007 • Winner of the Sourdough 1/2 Ironman 2008 • Winner of the Homer Mariner Triathlon 2008 • Qualified for and competed in the Age Group National Triathlon Championships 2008 • Women Bodybuilding Overall Winner for the Kenai Peninsula Alaska Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure 2009 • Age Group Winner for the Hammerman Xterra Triathlon 2009 I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, (CSCS). I train triathletes, bodybuilders, children, seniors, runners, bikers, and anyone interested in bettering their lives by getting fit. I am a hard core fitness enthusiast, and I hope to continue to inspire Alaskans to achieve their fitness goals.” “If your Phat, you watch life. If your fit, LIVE life.” “My belief is that many people do not think they are capable of excellence. But if they just TRY they will surprise themselves. This leads to more confidence. Its this momentum makes them unstoppable.” “You must believe yourself to be great. And then you are.” “Everything you want comes down to a choice……and how bad do you want it????”

Pako Yuki Lehtinen Whannell

Representing the Q 100 the point 100.1 fm – The Green Team


1990-92                 Fitness Coordinator/Student Athletic Trainer, EOU

1993                       ACEP Certified, Coach, EOU

1993                       NFICA Certified, Sports First Aid, EOU

1993                       B.S. Physical Education & Health, EOU

1994-2007            KPBSD H.S. Volleyball Coach

1994-2007            Peninsula Midnight Sun Volleyball Club, Coach

1995                       B.S. Education, K-12, UAA

1996                       Aerobic Pipeline, Inc. Certified, Personal & Strength Trainer

1998                       Body Pump Licensed/Certified, Les Mills

2000                       ASAA Certified, Coach

2010                       AFAA Certified, Group Fitness Instructor

2010                       Body Pump Licensed/Certified, Les Mills

2010                       SCW Certified, Personal Trainer

2010                       SCW Certified, Indoor/Outdoor Boot Camp

2010                       Flirty Girl Fitness Licensed/Certified

2010                       Continuing Education, TRX & Russian Kettlebells

2011                       First Aid/CPR/AED Re-Certified, American Heart Assoc.

2011                       AFAA Certified, Personal Trainer, National/International

2012                       Continuing Education, Russian Kettlebells, Michael Castrogiovanni


1988-1993            Collegiate Volleyball, EOU

2000                       USA Open National Championships, 1st place, Reverse Coed, Ohio

2001                       USA Open National Championships, 2nd Place, Reverse Coed, Wisconsin

2009-2010            ABFF Bodybuilding State Championships, 5’3” & Under, Figure Div.

                                *5th place, March ’09, Anchorage

                                *3rd place, April ’09, Kenai

                                *2nd place, Oct. ’09, Anchorage

                                *2nd place, May ’10, Kenai

I have been involved and active in the fitness and athletic arena for over 28 years.  Fitness, health, and wellness have been central to my daily life.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others through instructing classes/clinics/camps and personal fitness training.  I take pride in providing quality guidance and training that ensures safe and effective techniques for those that are wanting more out of their workout routine.  I am excited to be a part of the New Beginnings “Phat to FIT” GREEN TEAM!!

Whitney Martin

Representing the Q 100 the point 100.1 fm – The Green Team

I’ve been involved with fitness for as long as I can remember. Sports ruled my life from 4 to 18 years of age. After moving to Portland, OR in 2008 I found the Fitness Technology program. It sparked my interest in fitness training and helping people live healthier happier lives. I love teaching Boot Camp, it’s become more of a passion then a job.  This fall marks 2 really awesome anniversaries for me, 2 years of Boot Camp and more importantly 2 years of marriage.  This year was my first year competing in the Mount Marathon race. It was always a dream of mine to race the mountain. It was awesome, and I’m looking forward to next year! I’m super stoked to be involved with the Phat to Fit program! It’s such a cool idea and I feel fortunate to be apart of it.

Certificate in Fitness Technology

AQX Approved Instructor

RRCA Certified Running Instructor

AED Heart Saver Certified

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