PFDs Landing in Kenai, Shoppers Abound

Chances are, many Alaskan PFDs have already been spent, as the $900 checks were directly deposited to 507,000 residents this morning.


We asked shoppers in Kenai and Soldotna how they’ll use their money…


Lori Ogle: “I’m gonna’ spend it on my grandchildren…”

Tim Navarre: “I already donated 100 percent to charity.”

Jamie Farrel: “A washer and dryer, tune-up on my car, and tires.”

Eric Derleth: “Well, I’m going down to Las Vegas in a couple weeks for a wedding, and I think I’ll probably blow it there. There’s go to be plenty to do with your money in Vegas.”


Our shoppers didn’t seem too concerned that this year’s dividend is relatively small, compared to previous years, but Acting Revenue Commissioner Angela Rodell said they will go up next year…


Rodell: “The end of Fiscal Year 2012, they had a fund balance of $40 billion, and on June 30th, 2013, we had a balance of $45 billion, so that’s a huge increase in one year and bodes well for the future of this program.”

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