PFD Filing Period Opened Yesterday

The PFD Filing period in the State of Alaska is open once again. Applications can be submitted online of on paper available at designated distribution centers.

Dan DeBartolo, State Permanent Fund Dividend Division Director said that he expects to see a slight increase in PFD applications this year…


DeBartalo: “Last year, we were pretty flat in applications, total only about 1,500 more applications in 2012 over 2011, and based on what we’re seeing in population growth in Alaska, I bet it will be a little more robust this year, probably 3 to 4 thousand more applications, or just close to 680,000.”


The 2012 Dividend Amount was $878 per qualified applicant, and the 2013 dividend amount could be lower still, with the 2009 stock market dive still included in the five-year earnings average to calculate the dividend amount. The filing period for the annual dividend is March 31st.


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