PFD Announced Tomorrow

Posted: September 17, 2013 at 6:12 am

The amount of the 2013 Permanent Fund Dividend Check will be announced tomorrow morning at 11am.


While we wait, the KSRM News Department has our official prediction, as calculated by Programming and News Director Jake Thompson…


Thompson: “Basically, I used the formula that I think is in the State Constitution and mixed in some of my own math wizardry and came up with $933.05.”


KSRM’s prediction is one of the highest statewide, with some saying the check could be less than $800. However, Thompson said his number would disappoint many…


Thompson: “Alaskans, in general, are usually fairly disappointed any time their Permanent Fund is under $1,000, or under the previous couple years. Especially with this year, a nearly 11 percent increase in the statutory revenue.”


Check will start to hit bank accounts on October 3.


For more background on this year’s PFD, read: PFD Announced in One Week.

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