PFD Announced Today

The 2013 Permanent Fund Dividend amount will be announced today at 11am. You can watch online by clicking here.


Online polling shows most Alaskans are expecting a figure somewhere between $800-$900. KSRM’s prediction was $933.05.


Checks don’t start hitting bank accounts until October 3, and as Alaskans consider how to spend the money, the Better Business Bureau says there are a variety of scams which pop up around this time every year in Alaska.


Adam Harkness with the BBB…


Harkness: “Again the point is you just want to make sure you’re researching. You want to look for key words like zero risk, guaranteed investments opportunities. There’s no such thing as a zero risk investment opportunity. That’s not the way it works, that’s not an investment. So you want to look for substantiated claims, estimated returns, that kind of information that legitimate companies will be able to provide you with.”


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