Petition Sponsors Say “Allocation” Not an Issue

Sponsors of a failed petition to ban set nets in urban areas say they’re confused by the Lt. Governor’s statements about allocation. The Lt. Gov appeared on KSRM’s Tall Dark and Handsome Show yesterday afternoon…


Lt. Gov: “We may be sued. I talked to the sponsor Joe Connors today, and he’s got 30 days to file an appeal in the courts. And we were going on a 1996 Supreme Court decision that the Attorney General had, called the Pullen case, where there had been an allocation and the Supreme Court was pretty clear that you can’t allocate fish or have an initiative that has an allocative effect, so we had to reject it.”


In a written response, the organization behind the petition – the Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance, used words like “puzzling,” and said they “struggle to see the logic or the legality of this decision.”


AFCA Board Chair Bill MacKay is quoted as saying, “I am extremely disappointed in this decision. This initiative is clearly statewide and seeks no authority to regulate or allocate fisheries management in our state. We should be out gathering signatures today, not looking at lawsuits.


For more on the Lt. Gov’s decision, read: Attorney General’s Recommendation and Lt. Gov Decision.

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