Petition Booklets Ready for SB21 Repeal

The citizen’s movement to repeal SB21 is gaining ground again, as Gail Fenumiai, Director of the Alaska Division of Elections, said the first of the petition booklets started arriving today.


Former Legislator Ray Metcalfe is part of the charge…


Metcalfe: “So we actually have about 72 days to get over 30,000 signatures.”


Those signatures must be from registered Alaskan voters. The deadline for the signatures to be submitted to the Division is July 13th.


Metcalfe and others with Vote Yes – Repeal the Giveaway say SB21 gives too much control to major oil companies, with no guarantee Alaska will see anything in return.


For more, read: Peninsula Lawmakers Continuing to Back SB21 orvisit: Vote Yes – Repeal the Giveaway.

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