Personal Use Permits For Fishery?

Posted: October 17, 2013 at 7:00 am

Administrators for the City of Kenai are currently putting together the annual dip net fishery report. Finance Director Terry Eubank said overall, the finances paint a a positive picture.


Eubank: “The way it stands right now, we did have revenues in excess of our expenditures this year. But we continue to have greater demand for capital type expenditures to manage the fishery, so one of the processes we go through is analyzing future needs and capital needs that we have or capital requests that we’d like to make of council. At the end of the day, while we currently show a little bit of revenues over expenditures, that may change before the whole fishery’s wrapped up this year.”


City Manager Rick Koch said they are considering a change in the way dip net fishermen are charged…


Koch: “And there’d be a $20 fee per adult, who receives a personal use fishery permit.”


Since the City currently collects most fees through parking and camping, we asked Koch is the change to a paid permit would shift the burden to local residents…


Koch: “We collect fees from about 30 percent of the people that participate in the fishery here. When you look in Old Town, Old Town the streets are absolutely full of people. They walk over the fence, go over the trail down to the beach, and they don’t pay anything. And none of those people that’re parking in Old Town are locals. The locals, generally somebody drops them off down there and they go fish. And we’ve tried to find ways that we could lower or eliminate fees for locals, but the way that everybody has to be treated the same, unfortunately, we can’t do that.”


Koch said the move to a PU permit would need State Legislative support.

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3 Comments to “Personal Use Permits For Fishery?”

  • Kenai Resident says:

    What a JOKE, little ricky is. How is the illustrious schity of kenai going to impose a fee on something that is a STATE RIGHT? What about those who obtain their personal use permits somewhere OUTSIDE the schity of kenai? Are folks in Kasilof going to have to pay $20 for their permit (which they may or may NOT use for the Kenai River)?

    As far as the statement “And we’ve tried to find ways that we could lower or eliminate fees for locals, but the way that everybody has to be treated the same, unfortunately, we can’t do that.”, you are wrong again ricky. Municipalities NATIONWIDE have avoided resident user fees for the simple fact that… CITY TAXES pay for the maintenance park, thus city residents have already paid their dues.

    What a shame that the people of kenai are so apathetic that we must endure the same administration of greedy fools for the next three years.

  • Tim says:

    Charge a City of Kenai dip net license and then we will see who really wants those fish!

  • Another Kenai Resident says:

    The state already makes it a requirement to have a separate personal use permit in addition to a sport fishing license, which is required to have a personal use permit.

    There are four personal use fisheries in Cook Inlet, one of which is the Kenai River, for which the City of Kenai has been operating a surplus budget and accumulating capital equipment from revenues from participants and grants money from the state.

    If the state charged a fee for a personal use permit, there is no guarantee that the City of Kenai would see any of those revenues. More likely it would go into the general fund or cycle back into the Sport Fish division revenues like the sport fish license sales.