Peninsula Winter Games All About the Kids

The 37th Annual Peninsula Winter Games kicks off today at noon. Soldotna Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Michelle Glaves…


Glaves: “Well, I think what everybody looks forward to is on that day, we have a full, fun day of events in Soldotna. It starts out with, at twelve o’clock, we ahve free lunch and we have game bags for all the kids, and this year they have a hat and gloves in them. We have just, I think there’s about 20 different games, both inside and out for the kids, and what we really look forward to, and I think the kids do too, is the ice slide, and it is new and different every year, and that’s by some local carvers that do that. That and the carvings all around town.”


Glaves said there’d also be a free dinner at 4pm, and then…


Glaves: “And don’t forget that the day ends up at 5:30 with fireworks, so everybody looks forward to the fireworks every year.”


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