Peninsula Raises $121K+ for Pick.Click.Give

With just under a week left to file for your PFD, the Pick.Click.Give program is reporting the Peninsula has raised over $121,800. Program Manager Heather Beaty gave one reason why the program has been so popular this year…


Beaty: “This year, we’re offering some incentives to the non-profits who do the most to increase the fundraising they do through Pick.Click.Give. Organizations that are new to the list this year are eligible to win an additional $2,500 if they are the new organization who raises the most money, and three organizations will be eligible to win $5,000 for increasing, percentage-wise, the most money raised over their total from last year.”


Top local fundraisers include: the Alaska SeaLife Center ($14,525), Kenai Peninsula Food Bank ($13,225), and Cook Inletkeeper ($9,025).


Beaty emphasized that even if you’ve already filed for your PFD, you can go back and add a Pick.Click.Give donation until the deadline at the end of this month.

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