Peninsula Job Center Gets New Phone Number

As we had previously reported the Peninsula Job Center was experiencing major issues with their phone and voice mail systems.


They have since had those issues fixed but as a result have received new phone numbers for the Job Center and departments within the job center.


We spoke with Peninsula Job Center Supervisor¬†Rachel O’Brien.


O’Brien: “We had a failure in our system a couple months ago so for a while there we went without voice mail completely and so we had a new system installed and with that brought new telephone numbers to reach the Department of Labor staff but the Division of Public Assistance their numbers have no changed its just the Department of Labor side of the Job Center.


O’Brien listed some of the new phone numbers for the Job Center


O’Brien: “The main number is 335-3000, to reach staff in the Job Center Resource Room that number is 335-3010, to reach Career Support and Training Services 335-3060 and for businesses needing to contact the employment security tax group that number is 335-3020.

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