Peninsula Girls Dominate 1A State Championship

Cook Inlet Academy and Nikolaevsk girls went to head to head in the 1A State Championships today, with an exciting finish in triple overtime. Coach Dan Gensel was courtside…


Gensel: “The Cook Inlet Academy girls claimed their first ever 1A State Basketball Championship – an all-Peninsula affair as Cook Inlet battled Nikolaevsk, the Nikolaevsk Warriors, and it was a great game, triple overtime. At regulation, the game tied at 31 a piece as Cook Inlet rallied from an eight-point deficit early in the fourth quarter.

Tied at 31, we go to the first overtime, we get to 39-38 in favor of Cook Inlet, the Eagles foul with no time left on the clock. One free throw made by Nikolaevsk, we’re tied at the end of one overtime, we go to a second. 

In the second overtime, Cook Inlet Academy girls win the opening tip and hold the basketball for the whole four minutes, they get off one shot, it doesn’t go, we go to a third overtime.

Cook Inlet again controlling the tip. They want to run the clock down once again, same strategy, Nikolaevsk plays a little more aggressive on the defensive end and under a minute left to go, Cook Inlet attacks the basket. The game winner, with just 12 seconds left in the third overtime, is scored on a bounce pass from Cara Davidson. She gets it across the key to Darlene Bunts. Darlene makes a left-hand layup, it is now a two-point advantage to Cook Inlet. They steal the inbound pass, two free throws from Madison Orth and Cook Inlet wins the 1A State Championship 41-37.

Great basketball here at the Sullivan Arena, throughout the 1A Tournament. Cook Inlet with their first 1A title. Congratulations to the Nikolaevsk girls as well, as a state runner-up  Complete details on all state tournament games involving local teams, and complete details on the entire tournament, available on our sports page at”

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