Peninsula Community Health Offers How-To For Healthcare

The purchasing of healthcare under the new Affordable Care Act can be confusing and difficult as America has recently found out, but Tina Wegener with Peninsula Community Health Services can help make the experience a little easier.


We spoke with Wegener about what she can offer.



Wegener: “I can come in to their business or into their organization, I can meet at community centers and I can explain the 5-10 points to help people understand what the Affordable Care Act is about and what it means to them as Alaskans. I can help the cautionary and the premiums and the co-pays, I don’t sell the insurance I just explain the whole process to show them how to get through it, so that way they are not going to get penalized and if they are Native Alaskan’s or American Indian’s I can explain to them the exemption process.”



Wegener said there are many people that need assistance.



Wegener: “There’s a lot of people out there that don’t even understand what the affordable care act is or what it means to them or what it could potentially mean to them so I’m just here to help them understand it.”


You can contact Lisa Wegener at 260-5029 or at

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