Peninsula Center Mall Already Working on Security

We reported last Tuesday that an overnight break-in at the Peninsula Center Mall in Soldotna yielded little cash. What we didn’t know at the time was the new Mall owners were aware of security issues and had been working to secure the building.


Matt Steed with BAM Commercial Properties wouldn’t comment directly on the incident, but said they had ordered 100’s of items for the mall, including higher-resolution cameras and new door locks…


Steed: “Security was pretty adequate; however, because of the changing of the hands, the new owners stepping in place, there were some issues with who had access before and just wanted to get all that ironed out and put our thumb on who has what key and what code.”


The company is also working on other improvements like new signage and an overall facelift. The mall has around 30% vacancy rate. Steed said they’ve been in discussion with some new retails stores, but wouldn’t reveal the companies. He said the announcement will likely come in the next few months.


Steed: “BAM’s a very energetic company. The owners are very motivated with this mall. Our long-term is to just get it back to where it was when it was first built. It’s a pretty important part of the Soldotna/Kenai area and it’s kind of fallen on the wayside in recent years. So we want to get it back to the happening place it used to be.”




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