Pending Response For Flood Victim Assistance

Following major flooding around the Kenai Peninsula, especially in the K-Beach area, where lower levels homes were being flooded and properties were consumed by standing or moving water, Borough Mayor Mike Navarre on Tuesday signed an Emergency Declaration that has been sent to Gov. Sean Parnell’s office.


We spoke with Public Information Officer of the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Jeremy Zidek.


Zidek: “Well from here what we’re going to be doing is continuing communication with the borough, they haven’t requested that we send down our team to verify the information they have collected with them, we’re just kind of standing by and waiting for them to ask us to come down there and  do that. Once we get that work completed we can develop a fact sheet which will then be evaluated by commissioners of various state departments, they will make a recommendation to the Governor and then the Governor will be able to make a decisions whether to declare it a disaster or not.” 



Zidek said in the mean time, there is something residents can do to help with the process.


Zidek: “What’s really important is that residents that may have been impacted should go the Borough’s website there’s a form there that you can fill out and that will help the Borough figure out all of the areas that need to be assessed.”

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