Pending Lease Approval For Soldotna Teen Center

Negotiations are still underway about the opening of a new Teen Center in Soldotna.


We spoke with Senator Peter Micciche about where he’s at on securing a location.



Micciche: “Its going to be a Boys and Girls Club facility so I’m approaching the Boys and Girls Club board for quick approval of the lease and if they do in fact approve it we will be underway on securing a space and turning the design committee as well as local builders and volunteers  loose on getting this space ready for a Teen Center”. 


Micciche said the space committee is looking at is the old Bishop’s Attic building in Soldotna.



Micciche: “That’s the current site we have available and if it all works out, unless someone comes roaring in with a better location, that’s the way we’re heading right now and we’re excited about that location that’s for sure, it will fit our needs perfectly”. 


In prior meetings teens and parents have outlined some of the activities they would like to see in a new Teen Center, among those are WiFi, dances, workout room, air hockey, arcade room, field trips to Alyeska, and tutoring for college.


The next meeting for the Teen Center project will be on Oct, 8th at 6 pm.

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