Pediatric Oral Health Presentation At Hospital

The Central Peninsula Hospital will be hosting a Dine and Discuss where Pediatric Dentist Dr. Rob McAlpine will present about the importance of pediatric dentistry.


Dr. McAlpine gave an overview of his presentation.


Dr. McAlapine: “We’ll discuss fluoride treatments, the growth of teeth and kind of the importance of trying to hold on to those baby teeth and keep them really healthy.”


He added that problems with children’s teeth can cause pain and cause orthodontic problems later in life.


Dr. McAlpine: “As you start to get your adult teeth you go through a period of time where you have what we call mixed dentition so you have some baby teeth and some adult teeth and having cavities on those baby teeth can basically transfer to your adult teeth.” 


The Dine and Discuss will be held Thursday March 20 in the Denali Room at the Hospital. It is $10 at the door and attendees may RVSP by calling 714-4600.

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