Pebble Says Economic Benefits Run Into the Millions

Posted: May 31, 2013 at 6:59 pm

The Pebble Partnership today trumpeted the release of an economic study done on the Pebble Project. The study was authored by an independent reviewer, IHS Global, and suggests the economic impact of the Project could run into the millions.


The report says the Project  has the potential to support more than 16,000 total jobs during its construction phase, roughly 14,700 in the initial production phase, and more than 16,600 jobs during the potential subsequent development phases.


It also suggests Pebble would pay the Lake and Peninsula Borough an average of around $30 million annually in taxes, and have an operating budget of around $1 billion annually.


For more, visit: Pebble Project Study.

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6 Comments to “Pebble Says Economic Benefits Run Into the Millions”

  • Jane says:

    The PEBBLE MINE would be a disaster to the natural beauty of the Lake Clark area a nd an econimic disaster to the commercial and sport fishing industry. They are now trying to woo the Soldotna/Kenai Chamber of Commerce and Lake & Peninsula Borough with large sums of $$$$$$ to push this project through.

    Hopefully the Feds wil stop the project in it’s track…………….but looks like PEBBLE PARTNERSHIP has gotten to the FEDS also with $$$$$$$ to payoff the federal delegation. Big money sucks, especially in Alaska.

  • Bill and Samon says:

    16 thousand jobs, 30 million in borough tax revenues on the backs of killing off all the salmon in that pristine area and probably Bristol Bay as well. Mike Chenault pushed and got about $ 200-250 K for a state study a couple of years ago right after the public in the area voted down Pebble period. No one we talk to in our area wants Pebble and Mike Chenault knows that! Ask Mike Chenault why he pushed for the study? What’s the real reason behind that!

  • Ed says:

    Jane, Bill and Samon you have noting to fear but fear itself….get a life!!!

  • Joe says:

    Ed, Alaskams who care about the environment do have alot to fear, especially with the current Parnell administartion resource destroyers!!

    Ed, get informed and vote Chenault, Parnell and the crooks out!

    Thank heaven for the Feds!!! Hopefully they can stop the Pebble Mone.

  • Ed says:

    Joe, Thank heaven for the FEDS…you got to be kidding all they what is Alaska to be a park for their Politicians & Bureaucrats! You must be a ex or existing Fed employee ,Fisherman or Environ-mentalist whom needs to read Alaska’s Constitution Art. 8, Sec’s 1-16. Get informed Please or give up your Permanent Fund Check!!! Fishing contributes nothing to your check.

  • Joe says:

    Ed, you are probably one of those “Alaskans” who moved here just to get a dividend check and plob out a kid a year just to get more dividend checks! I would gladly give up my dividend check…………..right behind you.
    YES, I am a greenie and proud of it!!!! Thanks for the Obama administration, the EPA, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Denali National Park and the small amount of federal land protectyed here in Alaska.

    THANK HEAVEN for the FEDS!!!!