Pebble Responds to Judge Decision Against SOS

The Pebble Limited Partnership has had little reason to celebrate legal decisions of late, but a ruling from the Alaska Supreme Court this week ended one of the challenges facing the troubled project.


The Save our Salmon voter initiative was struck down by¬†Superior Court Judge John Suddock who said Wednesday that the Lake and Peninsula Borough’s “Save our Salmon” initiative conflicts with existing state authority.


Mike Heatwole with PLP said they’re pleased with the ruling, but the hurdles are far from over. They continue to work with the EPA, which is demanding proof that the proposed mine would not cause irreparable damage to the Bristol Bay watershed…


Heatwole: “That’s something that we’re actively workign through right now, which is what type of information do we want to bring into the discussion at this point at time; concurrent with that is we’re still looking for greater clarity on what exactly the full process is going to look like here with the EPA.”

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