Pebble Looking For More Support Amidst Layoffs

Hitting headlines this week, the Pebble Partnership is laying off an undisclosed number of workers, a move which was predicted and explained last month, after Anglo American announced they’re withdrawing from the project.


Canadian company Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd is now the sole backer. CEO Ron Thiessen…


Thiessen: “Some questions that people are asking is: what’s going to happen, vis-a-vis the technical capabilities of Pebble Limited Partnership? Given the fact that all of this money has been spent by Anglo and they have seconded some engineers into the project, we are functionally done with all the heavy lifting, and what remains really for this project is the permitting process, so I think moving forward, the partnership itself, there’s likely to be downsizing in capacity.”


The Pebble Partnership says they’re looking for new partners.

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