Pays to Be Early – Double Dividend Winner Announced

bobbi jedlicki


Bobbie Jedlicki was the first to register at KSRM’s Double Your Dividend promotion last Saturday, and she was the last to leave after her name was drawn as this year’s winner.




Jedlicki was a faithful listener and shopper this year…




Jedlicki: “Oh I entered at all of the places: Sweeneys and Arctic Motor Sports, the motorcycle place (Kenai Peninsula Harley Davidson), and waterworks, Kenai Ford (Stanley Ford), I mean, I was on it!”


This year’s promotion was hosted by Sportsmans Warehouse. Jedlicki said she was just happy to be there, but the extra $900 will help with travel expenses as she heads off to visit family…


Jedlicki: “I was just really excited, and I was happy for whoever’s name was going to be drawn, but I was hoping mine would, because I’m going to visit my parents the end of the month, for a week and a half, who are suffering from dementia, and so this is going to reimburse me.”


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