Passionate First Meeting of Crime Group

Posted: August 12, 2013 at 4:07 pm

The Kenai Peninsula Crime group has attracted more than 1,700 members and 25 of them attended the first face-to-face meeting last Sunday at Froso’s.


Almost all had a tale to tell of burglary. One woman described how her home was cased late at night, then broken into while an alarm system alerted the authorities. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to respond before valuable items and family heirlooms were taken.


Another now sleeps with a gun under her pillow. A third practices safety drills with her young children.


Brenda Trefren, with Majority Arms, attended for personal and professional reasons…


Trefren: “Well I’ll be writing down ideas such as meeting our neighbors, starting a community watch, getting to know people around our neighborhood so we can feel safe. And I want to know who the single moms are and the women that are home alone that are fearful. I think we as a community need to come together and help them lose that fear.”


There’s a second meeting planned for August 25th, also at Froso’s, where the group will set plans to solicit support form local law enforcement and political representatives.


Tom Bearup led the meeting Sunday…


Bearup: “There’s a lot of people think, ‘Well the cops aren’t doing their job.’ The cops are limited in what they can do, because of response times, because of areas they have to cover, and just the staffing alone. In a law enforcement agency, whenever people are off-duty for sickness or whatever the reasons might be, we need to have a team effort, with the community working together with law enforcement, the political side through our elected officials, and put some pressure probably in the judicial area is what I think should happen.”

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4 Comments to “Passionate First Meeting of Crime Group”

  • Jeff says:

    The crime and break-ins are getting bad! The woman that stated that she now sleeps with a gun under her pillow is not the only one doing that now. I hate to say this but it is a true statement that it is going to take a homeowner to shoot and kill one of these thugs protecting their life and property and then the others may think twice about doing this! Lock and load.

  • Matt says:

    Agreed Jeff.

  • Anonymous says:

    The woman who had a security system had the right idea. Make sure you can protect your life and property with a SOLID security system and a gun under your pillow with the other firearms in a nice safe bolted to the concrete

  • Steve Wright says:

    8/22/13 NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAMS are the Answer. CELL PHONES & VIDEO CAMERAS provide Solid Proof & Evidence of a Crime. No He Said She Said Video PROOF.
    But of course that would require Neighbors to have Impathy & Care for each other & Everyone participate & Do Their Share. There is No Place for Apathy in this situation.