Party Lines Drawn in Medicaid Decision

Responses to Governor Parnell’s decision not to expand Medicaid have fallen neatly within party lines.


Republican State Representative Lora Reinbold of Eagle River said “Medicaid Reform is necessary not only for those who need help now but for future generations. Governor Parnell’s decision shows his concern for all Alaskans.”


Republican representatives Mark Neuman and Pete Higgins, who oversee the Department of Health and Human Services, approved the decision, saying “Passing the burden of health care on to our children is not an option. I applaud the Governor’s decision and will continue to work with the Administration on the right solutions.”


On the other side of the aisle, Sitka’s Jonathan Kriess-Tomkins blamed Republicans for partisan politics and called the Governor’s decision “disappointing.”


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Byron Mallott said the expansion of Medicare “was a clear and immediate way to help our economy grow, create new jobs, and lower heath care costs for all of us.” He says he’s joining with state and business leaders to urge to the Governor to change his mind.



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